Smartphones at the Dinner Table

Yes. Technology has made the world smaller. A global village. An interconnected grid. Call it what you want. Smartphones control our desires, and have been successful in becoming part of our daily life, even during our sleep. A recent observation has led me to write this post. It was the rising phenomenon of using (or … Continue reading

So Beirut Wants To Go Green

…About time! It’s been ages since our dear capital has been smeared with pollution and environment reports, blackening our days and dumping our good mood. For ages, I have sat on my terrace gazing at the capital, adjusting my eyes in every way possible to distinguish the buildings from the cloud of smog that covers … Continue reading

Call Me a Laggard

Yes, I did create my blog when people started saying “Blogging is dead!”, but who’s to judge when is it time to jump on the train? I’ve delved too deep in the world of social media, and it’s only organic to grow more into blogging, micro-blogging, or whatever other term they coin. So…voila! Another blog … Continue reading